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What is the Why in Possibility?

You’ve probably seen this diagram before.  The first time I saw it I was in a class about what to expect when starting a business.  The instructor said that we would all expect to just grow the business as depicted on the left, but business growth can and often does look like the arrow on the right. 

I bring this up for a reason.  We can all wish that it was as easy as things on the left, but what do you really think about the arrow on the right?  What do you really see?  Think about it in terms of your work, your life, a goal you have.  You can apply any analogy and it works. 

As part of my business, I create and offer packages that allow leaders to engage in a variety of methods to create greater awareness for their leadership capabilities to achieve greater impact and opportunity.  I recently launched a workshop, and the outcome was good.  People were engaged, felt that they learned useful things, and provided great feedback.  I, however, did not feel as connected to the delivery as I’d hoped.  Upon reflecting on this what came up for me was that I hadn’t connected to my big WHY.  Why was I passionate that people learn and grow from this content?  Why was important that leaders specifically should experience it? 

And I thought of this picture.  Well of course!  It’s a squiggly line.  Then I realized, that’s an easy answer.  So, I dug a bit deeper. What if I looked at it differently?  And that’s when my true WHY hit me.  What I’m passionate about is helping rising leaders see their possibilities, with their unique lens, to create the impact and outcomes they desire.  We don’t all do this journey the same.  We each have different experiences and those experiences matter and can teach us how to go forward.

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of working in a world where everything is feels limited.  It can feel like slogging.  In my work, it’s important to know what feels negative and why. It helps us find the positive.  So, in that I asked myself, what is the gift in feeling disconnected?  Stick with me here.  I want to try on some different thoughts for size.

Photo Credit: Arnold Zhou; Unsplash

  • What if each squiggle in the line were a possibility instead of a problem? 

  • What if going up and then backward served a greater purpose than not doing that?

  • What if the deviation was meant for greater understanding, learning or outcomes?

  • Better yet, how can I create greater understanding, learning or outcomes from the deviation?

  • How will this experience help me grow with the ability to see future opportunities and create a path toward future possibilities? 

In his book IF1, Mark Batterson talks about viewing the world from the lens of what if and if only.  We do both.  I’m not advocating FOMO (the fear of missing out).  That’s internal judgement on overdrive and it never feels good.  Instead, what I’m advocating is using possibility as a prayer.  To be willing to be in the throws of what feels and is hard and look for what might be possible. Make an agreement that you’ll ask for the possible and make your way forward with that in mind.

What if every squiggle in your line, whatever your line represents, has infinite potential and possibility?  What might you do differently? Consider the possibility that when things feel hard, tough, mountainous, you can ask yourself where the diamond in this rough might be, and then give yourself permission to let go of the outcome and enjoy the journey. 

I’m inviting you in.  No one promised life would be easy, but if we can understand how we see the world we have a better opportunity to see the possibility.  If you’re interested in learning how, join me to gain clarity and a path to possibility.  You can find more information on my website at or, send me an email.  I’m happy to chat for you to share more.  Wishing you a journey full of twists, turns and squiggles that is full of possibility! 


This blog content was generated by it’s author.

1Batterson, Mark (2015) If: Trading Your If Only Regrets for God’s What If Possibilities. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Baker Books.

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