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/ihˈvent/. noun

  1. something that occurs in a certain place during a particular interval of time.

  2. the outcome, issue, or result of anything


Your Path!

Virtual Team Meeting

Mental Fitness Cohort

I partner with clients to bring content that helps you accomplish your goals every single day!  

Leadership is like the drop that creates the ripple.  You don’t always know where ripple will end,  but if you allow space for your authentic wisdom to come through, the impact of the ripple will be great. 

As a POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE® coach, one of the ways I help others lead with purpose and authenticity is through offering a six week Mental Fitness program developed by the POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE® organization. 


In this workshop you will learn how to;

  • Identify the internal messages that block you from high energy action.

  • Create peace and clarity in minutes when feeling hijacked or in high stakes conversations.

  • Invoke your wisdom quickly and with immediate impact on both yourself and your team. ​


I offer this program to rising leaders with the goal of helping create life long ripples and growth as a leader.  You'll receive;

  1. An easy to understand assessment that shows you how your internal messaging is delivered - referred to as your saboteurs. 

  2. A six week program that teaches you self command to recognize your saboteurs, quick actions to intercept them, and steps to invoke wisdom instead. All within an easy to access smart phone app.

  3. Weekly POD meetings that include coaching with me, and discussion with your cohort about what your learning.

  4. Access to future opportunities to continue to grow your leadership abilities. 

I hold cohorts quarterly.  Interested in learning more?  Click here and provide me your contact information.   I'll send you information for the next cohort kickoff.  There's no obligation to buy but when you attend, I know you'll learn something new about yourself!


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