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/inˈspī(ə)rd/. adjective

  1. of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.

  2. (of air or another substance) that is breathed in.


Purpose Provoker!

Are you ready to provoke your purpose and ask for the work and life you desire?  Let’s go!  In an hour, learn the unique keys to what creates success for you while targeting strategies for you to be as engaged and passionate as you want to be in your work and personal life.

How it works:  You’ll take an assessment and during a session with me, begin to see what inspires you and how you use that awareness to create YOUR purpose!  At the end of our time, you’ll have a 10-page report that outlines how your unique experiences show up in your work and life.  My clients tell me they are empowered by the key insights they come away with! You’ll find that you come to understand something about yourself that you may not have realized! Plus you’ll leave with two easy actions you can take toward a goal in the next 30 days, in the pursuit of your passion.

Image by Jamie Templeton

The Cognitive Creator

Leadership is like the drop that creates the ripple.  You don’t always know where ripple will end,  but if you allow space for your authentic wisdom to come through, the impact of the ripple will be great. 

As a POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE® coach, one of the ways I help others lead with purpose and authenticity is through offering a six week Mental Fitness program developed by the POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE® organization. 

In this workshop you will learn how to;

  • Identify the internal messages that block you from high energy action.

  • Create peace and clarity in minutes when feeling hijacked or in high stakes conversations.

  • Invoke your wisdom quickly and with immediate impact on both yourself and your team. ​

I offer this program to rising leaders with the goal of helping create life long ripples and growth as a leader.  You'll receive;

  1. An easy to understand assessment that shows you how your internal messaging is delivered - referred to as your saboteurs. 

  2. An eight week program that teaches you self command to recognize your saboteurs, quick actions to intercept them, and steps to invoke wisdom instead. All within an easy to access smart phone app.

  3. Weekly  meetings that include coaching with me, and discussion with your cohort about what your learning.

  4. Access to future opportunities to continue to grow your leadership abilities. 

I hold cohorts regularly. If you're not ready for a full cohort, you can also join a workshop that get's you started on the sage path.   Interested in learning more?  Scroll down to find out how! 

The Inspired Leader

As a leader you’ve no doubt heard about tying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to helping your teams reach the highest level of creativity, problem solving and acceptance of each other and the situation.  But what about you?  How can you level up your leadership to create the career you dream of?  Become the go-to leader for all levels of the business!

In addition to the Purpose Provoker and the Cognitive Creator, we’ll ask and answer the question, what do you really care about?  How do you align with peace and confidence?  My  coaching packages will help you understand how to get out of your own way, and tap into your wisdom when you most need it.  

We may not realize it but often we choose values that more closely align with our partners, our business, our communities over our own.  What do you value?  If you responded “Wait, what?” you’re going to love this part!  We’ll help you identify your true values and recognize how to make decisions that honor those values and who you are.

Perspective?  Check!  Inspiration?  Check!  Super Power ignited? Check! and Check!

Create a plan to uncover the authentic, inspired leader that is you! We’ll focus on the skills you specifically want to grow and craft your personal mission statement to help you uncover your authentic leadership style.  This journey will allow you to create and begin to achieve the goals and define the paths that will lead to those opportunities that you can capitalize on. 

Are you ready?  

It starts with 20 minutes of your time. 

Image by Nick Fewings

Let's chat. It won't cost you a dime and you 

can take the next step to chart your course!

Or, join my free membership!

It's easy and you'll receive free content to enhance your work and life!

Plus, you can get more information about my current programs including pricing.  

Are You Ready?

This  is an investment in you!  Think about where you are now.  You’ve worked hard to get here!  My clients will tell you that it is completely possible to re-imagine and create the career of your dreams as you grow as a leader – to do the work, create the connection, and achieve the desires and outcomes. 

All purchases through my website are based on these Terms & Conditions

Tara is a great coach!!  I engaged Tara to help me move past my fears on a new business venture.  I have been in a holding pattern for years. Literally.  Tara helped me identify what was holding me back.  Through weekly coaching sessions, we pressed through my fears, created a game plan, and I am well on my way to the new venture.  I look forward to engaging Tara when I get “stuck” again.


- CJ; Dallas, TX

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